Cooling Stones releive Hot Flashes
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Finally an answer to my hot flash dilemma! I keep a Cooling Stone by my bed and I just reach for my stone if I feel a hot flash coming on. It has been a godsend!

Mary J.
Los Angeles, CA

I received my Cooling Stone as a gift from my husband. He could not stand sleeping with the window open and a fan on. I just reach for my stone now and my hot flash disappears. I thank you and he thanks you. I highly recommend these to ANYONE!

Samantha S.
Newport, RI

I skeptically bought a Cooling Stone from my Naturopath. She recommended them. I figured it was pretty even if it didn't work. Well, now I don't go to bed with out it in my reach. I even bought one for my husband who sweats at night. I think he loves his even more than I love mine! If you have any doubts, trust me - you won't be sorry!

JoAnne P.
Davenport, IA

Hot flashes are a bitch! I didn't think I would find anything to help with my discomfort and a friend gave me a Cooling Stone. I am so elated at the results, I bought several of my friends one and none of us want to live without one ever again. Thank you.

Felecia S.
Anchorage, AK

My son fell out of our backyard tree and I used my Cooling Stone on his arm on the way to the hospital and the doctor was surprised that the swelling was so minimal for such a nasty break. Now I use mine for just about everything.

Alice A.
Federal Way, WA

My daughter suffers from a severe case of acne and I suggested she try the Cooling Stone and my snippy little teenager reluctantly started trying it on her face. And was thrilled at the results. It worked wonders releiving redness and inflamation. We thank you so much!

Mary D.
Granite Falls, WA

My parapalegic brother suffers from night sweats which we were told was common for one in his condition. A friend suggested we try a Cooling Stone my brother not believing it would work, was plesantly surprised and now always has one handy. I can now sleep through the night. Thank you Cooling Stones!

Kathy B.
Priest River, ID

My husband came home from work with a severly strained muscle. He was in awful pain and his arm was swelling. He agreed to try my Cooling Stone as long as we went to the hospital after it didn't work. But to his amazement it reduced the swelling and discomfort and he no longer wanted to go to the hospital. We was back at work in two days. Now his Cooling Stone is a permanent fixture by his bed. I had to buy myself another one.

Rosie M.
Colville, WA

I had a rash and I tried just about everything from prescription to over the counter meds and nothing worked. My boss gave me a Cooling Stone and within days of using it on the rash it was nearly gone.

Florence, OR

I suffered from boils on my neck for years. Nothing seemed to work. And my neighbor gave me a Cooling Stone. I had nothing to lose. Boy was I amazed! One by one they went away. Now if I feel even a twinge I use my stone and it seems to stop it before it can show. I am grateful.

Suzy D
Spokane, WA

I have had recurring cold sore most of my life and my aunt gave me a Cooling Stone and asked my to try it. I thought she was nuts but I tried it and it worked. So I keep my Cooling Stone close to me at all times. Thank you Cooling Stones.

Lori G.
Seattle, WA

When my 86 year old uncle had a high fever and flu, while nursing him back to health I used my Cooling Stone to bring down his temperature every time. But after experiencing the cooling effects, he now sleeps with one on his nightstand. This is a man who does not beleive in such things.

Seattle, WA

I suffer from migrane headaches to the point of taking aspirin 3 - 4 times a day. Now I place my stone on the base of my neck and in minutes it gives me relief. I love it!!!

Kay S.
Everett, WA

I had dropped a table on my foot and my grandfather (of all people) gave me his Cooling Stone to use for the swelling. It reduced the swelling wonderfully. I now have one on every floor in our house.

Mary S.
Vancouver, WA

I had a reocurring cyst which the doctors removed 3 times but it kept coming back. I was surfing the internet and found the Cooling Stones website and ordered one not expecting it to work but since it had a guarantee I figured I had nothing to loose and I was ready to try anything. I thought oh well, if it doesn't work, it sure is beautiful. Then I started using it. It took away the inflamation around my cyst and I was sold. I now give them out for presents. I believe every home should own one.

Val D.
Bellingham, WA

When I started having hot flashes I couldn't freeze ice packs fast enough. I would literally have to wring my hair out several times daily. And then I found the Cooling Stone. It was and is amazing! It truely works. I highly suggest that everyone try one!

Valerie S.
Everett, WA

I would go out and work in my garden. I would have to stop. My whole body was like it was on fire. I went to see my doctor. She could not find anything wrong. Then I was given a Cooling Stone and it is FANTASTIC! Within minutes I was able to return to my garden, this time with my Cooling Stone in my pocket. It has changed my life.

Terri M.
Newport, WA

I just wanted to email you to thank you for Cooling Stones. I have blood sugar issues. I notice problems when my blood sugar gets really low. An example is when I get out of the shower if my blood sugar is low. It is almost like a get a hot flash and feel weak. I just reach for my Cooling Stone and put it under my arm. Instant relief. Anytime I get hot flash like symptoms due to blood sugar, I just reach for my stone. Thank you so much!

Mark H.
Bullhead City, AZ

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